Interdependence of Man and Nature at Rift Platinum

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The relationship between humans and nature should be interdependence. Dependence of human nature, people need water, air to survive, you need coal to generate electricity, need oil to provide power ... so, if none of these things also can not live a day. But human beings do not cherish the survival of the environment, this has flowers, trees of the environment, the hundreds of millions of planets in a unique environment for biological survival; but it continues to damage, destroy it. Rivers, lakes have been polluted, and continues, coal and oil non-renewable resources have been overexploited, serious air pollution, global warming, natural disasters, species extinction and so serious, the human nature to knock ring the alarm, but does ignore human ignorance, to continue their self-defeating behavior.

In the face of human nature is small, more can be said to be negligible, but it just all in one. Humans and other organisms such as dinosaurs, but there is a time in history, if you want to survive and multiply at this time in better, more long-term, it should conform to the law of nature, to protect the environment from damage to their survival. Since God has given us in the vast universe could survive such an environment, rich in mineral resources, we should feel lucky, we should cherish it, and we have no reason to destroy it.

Protect the environment, starting with me! Low-carbon life, eliminate waste!

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